Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Increase Revenue, Decrease Cost

I started a new website dedicated to helping readers build net worth through increasing revenues and decreasing costs. The site's URL: www.increaserevenuedecreasecost.com pretty much sums up my objectives.

This should be an effective arena for readers to start to make the necessary tweaks in their life to optimize income. I would suggest everyone check out the site when you get a chance.

Thanks in advance!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

24 Goals - Final Update

So it's time I share how I faired.

  1. Make the maximum contribution to Roth IRA by July 4th ($4,000/$4,000) - Complete
  2. Successful open up Hedge Fund account by June - Complete
  3. Hedge Fund account value greater than or equal to $10,000 by August ($13,136/$10,000) - Complete
  4. Hedge Fund account value greater than or equal to $20,000 by January ($12,500/$20,000)
  5. Roth IRA account greater than or equal to $9,000 by January ($6,912/$9,000)
  6. Have 150 blog posts by December (92/150)
  7. Create Fund website by July 4th - Complete
  8. Read five books by August (5/5) - Complete
  9. Create two more portfolio's in my VSE league (2/2) - Done, dedicated my portfolio to EMA technical trading.
  10. Do 75 push-ups without taking a break (80/75) - Oh yea, next goal is 100.
  11. Run 2 miles in 12 minutes - Reached this in December
  12. Increase my net worth by 80% this year (68%/80%) - Almost got there!
  13. Play a set of tennis without double faulting - Not gonna happen.
  14. Achieve Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification - Deadline passed; goal failed
  15. Secure a full-time job - Yes
  16. Convince five people to start investing (5/5)
  17. Establish and record 500 phone contracts (220/500) - A little to aggressive
  18. Establish and record 1000 email contacts (280/1000) - A little to aggressive
  19. Learn how to drive a manual transmission - Nope
  20. Achieve 1000 lifetime trades (465/1000) - A little to aggressive
  21. Complete my portfolio management spreadsheet and submit to sourceforge.net - Nope
  22. Attend a University of Michigan basketball game for free - Complete
  23. Master double-digit multiplication and division - Complete
  24. Give blood - Complete
In short, I am pretty satisfied with the results. I set 24 aggressive goals and was able to accomplish 13 of them.