Friday, November 10, 2006

Earnings Follow-Up

Below are some companies that release their earnings next week. Remember; make your picks soon before the companies are overbought.

AMAT - Techs are hot, the stock is down. Get it now before the stock gets overbought.

TLB - The Company’s core business consists of classic women’s clothing. Similar retailers have show strong earnings. Get in now while the stock is down.

BEAS - Software company. There are a lot of tech plays below. This company may not make your list.

NTAP - Data storage and management services. Related companies are all up, looks pretty solid going into earnings next week.

CLE - Teen retailer. Earnings look pretty good, maybe a potential buyout? Buyouts are always good.

HPQ - Not only a hardware retailer, but also a technical services company. Competitors have done well, may be overbought into earnings.

SBUX - May be at a low end of a peak. Hit it up now before the earnings next week.

MSCC - Semiconductor company. The industry is pretty popular, stock is relatively cheap.

MRVL - Semiconductor company like MSCC. May want to play one or the other.

HIBB - Sporting goods company like Dicks. Sporting good companies like have done well so far this earnings this season.

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