Monday, July 02, 2007

Festival of Stocks #43

I am proud to be hosting this weeks Festival of Stocks! Enjoy all of this weeks articles!

This Week's Submission

Free Money Finance presents Low Cost Usually Equal a Better Investment (And the Various Costs You Need to Look for).
This article goes in depth about why lowering costs usually creates a better return and what costs are usually associate with particular investment vehicles.

Canadian Economy, Commodities And Mining Stocks Through a Fundamental Lens presents 5 Ways to Gauge Market Sentiment.
This article shares several important factors that help measure market sentiment.

Bankruptcy Lawyer's Blog presents Understanding Chapter 12 Bankruptcy.
This article details Chapter 12 bankruptcy concerning farmers and fishers.

Money Ning presents Taxable Account Portfolio Update - June 2007.
This article shares Money Ning's portfolio holdings at the end of June.

INTJ Personal Development presents Do You Get Money? and Grow Your Pile of Money
The first article details the basics of currency, economies, and meaning on money. While the second article offers ways to use an individual's pile of money.

Investment Jungle presents Stock Analysis - Respironics Inc.
This article evaluates RESP as a potential investment.

Dividends Matter presents Dividend Analysis - Wal-Mart Stores Company.
This article evaluates WMT as a potential investment.

Mad Money & Fast Money Fan Site presents Mad Money - Cramer on Buffett Stocks.
This article shares Jim Cramer's take on Warren Buffett's stocks.

Neutral Market Trends presents Backtesting the S&P Volatility Timing Model.
This article shows the back-tested results of a unique volatility timing model.

Wealth Building Lessons presents Is Sears the Next Berkshire Hathaway?
This article details the investment nature of SHLD, comparing it to Berkshire Hathaway.

The Skilled Investor presents How to Lie with Statistics: Investment Performance Charts.
This article address the dangers of following investment performance statistics.

Adventures in Money Making presents How Capitalism Really Works.
This article shares some comments on the Blackstone IPO.

The Credit & Credit Card Blog presents Boat Show Financing - Never, Ever Use It.
This article reminds use why cash in king when purchasing a boat.

My Estate Planning Career Blog presents Smart Estate Planning Strategies for the Average Joe.
This article reviews some of the most fundamental components in estate planning.

Personal Investing Advice presents Investing - Gold Shares - The Leverage Factor.
This article suggests investors exercise leverage via gold, leaps, & warrants.

My Deft Relief Plan presents Reduce Credit Card Debt Quickly.
This article suggests several chronological steps an individual should negotiate to reduce credit card debt.

Personal Finance Blog Articles presents Saving Money - A Top Strategy for Saving Money.
This article explains how individuals should re-evaluate their spending formulas.

Wealth Building World presents Wealth Creation - Don't Start with the Wrong Concept of Wealth.
This article explains the value and concepts behind establishing a wealth creation program.

Stock Value Finder presents Visa Initial Thoughts.
This article evaluates VISA as a potential investment. presents Do Not Sell Your Stocks Randomly.
This article explains the importance of not letting emotions drive your selling.

Trader's Narrative presents Homebuilding Sector Merits Attention.
This article presents a potential inflection point for homebuilding stocks.

Sox First presents Subprime Fallout: The Bears Are Out.
This article explains the fallout from CDOs and how it could effect the global economy.

The Mad Money Analyst presents Why Invest in Stocks.
This article presents an argument why stocks are always the best long-term investment.

Political Calculations presents Fundamental Indexing in 18 Months.
This article tracks the current progress of a weighted indexing strategy.

The Dividend Guy Blog presents BCE - A Sell Gone Way Bad.
This article recaps a prior sell gone bad.

Investor Trip presents How to Investing in 2008 Beijing Olympics.
This article evaluates HMIN as a potential investment.


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Thank you for hosting this week's Festival of Stocks.

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