Sunday, May 06, 2007

24 Goals to Accomplish in 240 Days

After reading the simple dollar's 101 Goals in 1001 Days post I felt inspired to document my own list of goals. I used Trent's same strategy of establishing specific, quantitative goals that may be poised for failure. I was a little impatient with Trent's time frame, so I made these goals good until the end of the year. I plan to write an update on these goals every couple of months or so. I have italicized all finance-related goals.
  1. Make the maximum contribution to Roth IRA by July 4th ($0/$4,000)
  2. Successful open up Hedge Fund account by June
  3. Hedge Fund account value greater than or equal to $10,000 by August ($0/$10,000)
  4. Hedge Fund account value greater than or equal to $20,000 by January ($0/$20,000)
  5. Roth IRA account greater than or equal to $9,000 by January ($3,500/$9,000)
  6. Have 150 blog posts by December (25/150)
  7. Create Fund website by July 4th
  8. Read five books by August (1/5)
  9. Create two more portfolio’s in my Virtual Stock Exchange league (0/2)
  10. Do 75 push-ups without taking a break (40/75)
  11. Run 2 miles in 12 minutes
  12. Increase my net worth by 80% this year (30%/80%)
  13. Play a set of tennis without double faulting
  14. Achieve Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification
  15. Secure a full-time job
  16. Convince five people to start investing (0/5)
  17. Establish and record 500 phone contracts (120/500)
  18. Establish and record 1000 email contacts (200/1000)
  19. Learn how to drive a manual transmission
  20. Achieve 1000 lifetime trades (200/1000)
  21. Complete my portfolio management spreadsheet and submit to
  22. Attend a University of Michigan basketball game for free
  23. Master double-digit multiplication and division
  24. Give blood

I encourage all of my readers to set their own goals and let me know how they go. Remember, be specific with these goals and do not be afraid to set yourself up for failure.


David said...

those are all good goals except i don't know about one of them. going one set in tennis without double faulting is pretty damn hard

Brian Cercek said...

Nice list! I think this is a great idea for people to do.

I'll start my list...

#1. Make money on an LFBG trade.