Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Straddle Time!

I mentioned before in my series on options trading how to make money if you are unsure which way the stock may go in the future. I also pointed out that options are a zero sum game, making them inherently riskier than stocks. With that being said, I feel that investors have a significant chance of making money by using a straddle on Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) going into earnings.

Let's review the key elements of an attractive straddle. One of the most important aspects of a good straddle is the current price of the stock. The closer the price is to strike price of the call and put you are going to purchase, the better the straddle play is. The second most important part of the straddle is the costs to straddle. The cost is cheap if the break-even future prices are significantly less than your predicted future movement. The third most important part of a straddle is the time value of your option position; the longer you have to sell your call and put the less risk you are taking on.

Given these elements here's how ACS stacks up:
- The current price of the stock is only 9 cents away from the $60 strike price.
- I managed to pay $1 for both the call and put, meaning the stock would only need a 3.69% increase or a 3.46% decrease to be in the money given my broker’s options trading fees. As you can see from the Bloomberg image below, this straddle would have been in-the-money five out of the last six sessions after the earnings report.
- If you do take this position, you have the luxury of waiting until the 19th of May to liquidate your positions; a long time given this volatile market.

So why is this so cheap? There have been significant buyout talks driving the price of these options. I feel that this is insignificant because these talks have lasted for several months and it appears that shareholders are ultimately unsatisfied with these offers. In fact, I feel that this release will have a great impact on the bid price of this buyout firm, ultimately allowing for significant share price volatility.


Anonymous said...

Ha! thats what you get for buying options. you better take your loss and get out, it's clearly gonna pin.

rmacguidwin said...

You're definitely right. The last couple trades have shown that I will probably lose around 30-40 dollars. I have set my limits slightly below what I purchased the options at, but there is still speculative value due to the buy-out negotiations.

Thanks for your comment.

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