Thursday, May 17, 2007

New Blog!

I have begun to trade based on my recent education in technical analysis. All traders agree that good record keeping is one of the most important keys to success. So I decided to keep my trade records very public, and record them in my new blog: Rick's Proprietary Trading Log.

As I stated in my new blog's header, the purpose of blog is to help document my technical stock selections. My plan is to record the trade in this blog right after I execute the buy or sell order. I have developed a comprehensive excel spreadsheet that tracks my trades as well. I will also post any entries or modifications to my spreadsheet as well.

For each order I plan to write the following in this blog:

  1. Overview of the pattern created by the stock
  2. Decision to go long/short
  3. Strategies for entering the trade
  4. Strategies for exiting the trade

Most of my trade decisions will be derived from weekly trends and executed based on daily opportunities. That is my favorite time frame. If you wish to follow the same strategies but want to use a different time frame, simply draw out (or in) the same strategies to your desired time frame.

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