Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Recap of Prior Plays

I felt obligated to share the performance of the trades I proposed on this blog. I went all the way back to my November posts (which apparently I was doing my best work) and found how each pick turned out.
The table below shows the performance of my November 10th picks. I simply assumed the investor would have bought shares at the closing price on November 10th and sold the stock after the week was over, sometime around November 15th.

The table below shows the success of my IPO evaluation on November 15th. For these stocks, I assumed the investor initiated a market order when these stocks started trading and sold the stocks at the end of the day.

The table below highlights my most recent round of earnings plays. Like all earnings plays, I assumed the investor bought the stock sometime after the post or around the close before the earnings report and sold the stock the next day sometime around the close.

The last table is my recently recommended "technical analysis" stock. I will try to add more of these as I learn more about TA.

You can interpret these tables however you like, just thought I would throw them out there.

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