Monday, June 04, 2007

24 Goals to Accomplish in 240 Days - UPDATE

It has been nearly a month since I shared my goals for the rest of the year. I have detailed the status of each of the goals below:
  1. Make the maximum contribution to Roth IRA by July 4th ($0/$4,000) - Rollover to Roth IRA conversion in process - contribution to by made by end of the week!
  2. Successful open up Hedge Fund account by June - Account to be open by the end of the week!
  3. Hedge Fund account value greater than or equal to $10,000 by August ($0/$10,000) - No progress
  4. Hedge Fund account value greater than or equal to $20,000 by January ($0/$20,000) - No progress
  5. Roth IRA account greater than or equal to $9,000 by January ($3,500/$9,000) - No progress
  6. Have 150 blog posts by December (41/150)
  7. Create Fund website by July 4th - Initial planning has started
  8. Read five books by August (3/5)
  9. Create two more portfolio’s in my Virtual Stock Exchange league (1/2)
  10. Do 75 push-ups without taking a break (40/75) - No progress
  11. Run 2 miles in 12 minutes - No progress
  12. Increase my net worth by 80% this year (14%/80%) - Increased by a little more than 2%
  13. Play a set of tennis without double faulting - No progress
  14. Achieve Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification - No progress
  15. Secure a full-time job - No progress
  16. Convince five people to start investing (1/5)
  17. Establish and record 500 phone contracts (130/500)
  18. Establish and record 1000 email contacts (220/1000)
  19. Learn how to drive a manual transmission
  20. Achieve 1000 lifetime trades (280/1000) - This is going to be tough!
  21. Complete my portfolio management spreadsheet and submit to - No progress
  22. Attend a University of Michigan basketball game for free - I went to an arena football game for free!
  23. Master double-digit multiplication and division - No progress
  24. Give blood- No progress

I have made substanial progress on nine of these goals, but I really need to start working toward achieving the fitness goals. Feel free to share how your goals are going!

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Steve said... progress in running, or push-ups, or anything health-related.